Drying time
1 - 4 hours

all year round

Carpet cleaning – the way it should be

Our aim is to achieve the best clean possible to each and every customer … every time!

Why? … Because since 1996 we have built and staked our reputation on our quality results and service. That’s why our loyal clients are happy to recommend us.

The Difference … Most carpet cleaners work on discount pricing structures to attract customers. They are forced to do quick, low quality cleans because, using this principle, they need turnover to exist. Our nine-step process takes time. There are no short cuts in this method, only great results that last!

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Why do carpets resoil so quickly?

Most carpet cleaners rely on the carpet cleaning prespray to emulsify spills and spots. Unfortunately, this only treats the surface area. The real cause is oils and other sticky substances far deeper in the pile, where dust and dirt are quickly attracted.

Our rotary brush stage agitates deep into the carpet pile to remove these oils and other sticky substances and the carpet backing and underlay never get wet, offering a far more effective and lasting result. With an added bonus of emulsifying and a drying time of only 1 to 4 hours all year round.

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Does Your Carpet Cleaner…

  • Offer a full 9 step clean for carpet?
  • Prevacuum your carpet? (79% of all soil is dry soil)
  • Use agitation to remove oils and food sugars? (required for total cleaning and lasting results)
  • Detangle, rake and fluff up your flattened carpet pile?
  • Use drying pads or turbo fans to aid in drying if necessary?
  • Insist on returning if you have any queries?

Is Your Carpet Cleaner…

  • Trained in all aspects of carpet cleaning?
  • Trained in all aspects of leather lounge cleaning?
  • Trained in the latest methods of spill/spot removal?
  • Trained at all or doing updated training?
  • Used and recommended by carpet manufacturers and retailers?
  • Carrying a full spectrum of cleaning chemicals?

We have taken measures to ensure that we are knowledgeable in all aspects of our craft. That’s why manufacturers and retailers use and recommend Heartfelt Carpet & Leather Lounge Cleaning.