Drying time
1 - 4 hours

all year round

Carpet Cleaning

Extend the life of your carpet with the HeartFelt Carpet Cleaning System – the system that has the lowest carbon footprint available.



  • Pre-clean vacuum with a powered spinning brush head and vigorous hand brushing of the skirting edges and boards.
  • Cleaning – Agitation, Emulsification. Encapsulation.
  • Added bonus – anti-microbial decontamination liquid to kill bacteria, viruses, spores, moulds and yeasts.
  • Spotting – use of specialised chemicals on spills, spots & marks that did not come out with the clean.
  • Buffing, Drying.
  • Grooming.
  • I move the furniture.

Experience the benefits of the HeartFelt Carpet Cleaning System

  • Less Stress on your carpet, as the backing and underlay never get wet.
  • Revitalised Pile: Flat squashed pile is detangled, straightened and stood up.
  • Convenience! Your carpets will be left soft and will be dry in approximately 1 to 4 hours.
  • No sticky residue from detergents or soaps are left in the carpet to attract dirt, so your carpets stay clean longer.
  • Encapsulation Technology means protection and ongoing cleaning.
  • Safe! No damage can be done to your carpet, such as shrinking, stretching, splitting at the seams, or mildew.
  • Impressive results that last due to attitude, training, cleaning liquids that work and a unique cleaning system.
  • It’s the most environmentally compliant compared to any other cleaning method but it’s also the most efficient.


First of all, when I arrive I’ll perform an amazing vacuum for you, removing up to 80% of the carpet dirtying and damaging soils, any flea eggs, larvae, and droppings, allergy-causing pollens and spores and mould and I’ll move what furniture you want.

The carpet is then sprayed with the unique Encapsulation cleaning solution (with added anti-microbial decontamination liquid to kill bacteria, viruses, spores, moulds and yeasts) which dissolves spills spots and marks. Now the rotary floor machine with a brush to suit your particular carpet attached to the underside of the machine rotates as the machine oscillates over your carpet, this cleans by gently yet thoroughly agitating deep into the surface pile drawing out dissolved gunk from your carpet into the brush head under the machine. I may also use my specially designed extraction pads, and if needed use specific chemicals to remove any remaining marks.

Then I’ll complete the job by grooming the carpet with a brush rake, bringing the pile back to its natural set, and replacing any furniture that has been moved. I may use drying pads in certain areas or circumstances. Your carpets are dry in approximately 1 to 4 hours.

HeartFelt’s Encapsulation cleaning solution continues to clean your carpet long after I’m gone – it’s designed to dry to a crystal, locking onto any left behind particles. These are easily removed by your next 2 to 5 vacuumings (not to be done for at least 24 hours). Due to the crystallization action of our cleaning solution no sticky soap residue is left behind to attract dust and dirt, which is the what other carpet cleaning systems do.

Here are two illustrations to help explain the cleaning and your vacuuming process:



Q & A’s for when it’s finished.

  • Q. How long after can we walk on the carpets?
    A. You can walk on the carpets straight away with this system, simply place towels at the carpet entry points to remove any dust from your shoes or feet
  • Q. How long after can we put back items?
    A. Plastic based items – straight away; Timber based items – 5 hours or straight away with plastic in between. Rugs or mats, also 5 hours.
  • Q. When do I vacuum?
    A. You can vacuum any time after 24 hours – this gives enough time for the solution to crystallise. You don’t have to vacuum until you want to or need to.
  • Q. How often should I have my carpets cleaned?
    A. How often do you wash your bed sheets or underwear? Bodily contact, dirty shoes, animals, air dust, spilt food and drink should not be ground in for too long if one day you’d like it removed – Carpet Manufacturers say yearly – and I say don’t wait longer than 3 years.


Pictures showing real results

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