Drying time
1 - 4 hours

all year round

Leather Lounge Cleaning In Detail

Here at HeartFelt we’ve always thought that customers aren’t interested in fancy talk about how we clean – but more about our attitude to their belongings. So here’s our attitude…

Our aim is to offer the best possible clean available to each and every customer.
Why? … Because since 1996 we have built and staked our reputation on our quality results and service. That’s why our loyal clients are happy to recommend us.


  • We assess several aspects of your lounge, its needs and position.
  • We carry 3 different strength cleaners for a variety of leathers and problems.
  • We are trained to know how to study your lounge as/so we thoroughly clean it.
  • We assess your Leather type – not all leather is cleaned & conditioned the same way.
  • We apply 3 coats of conditioner to the face areas and then buff them.
  • We want to work with you – we educate you, guide you and give you tips.
  • We can supply you with the right products and info to help you maintain your leather.

Why & When & How Leather Lounges should be Cleaned and Conditioned.

Leather is a fabric!
Leather is porous!
Leather breathes!

What happens is:

When your leather is not regularly (yearly) conditioned (and therefore gets DRY=thirsty) the leather which is actually under the colour (pigment) which is actually under the top coat (clear), will draw “elastins”(in the pigment) out of the colour. This will imbalance the pigment and it will crack, and therefore the clear coat will crack and therefore your leather is now exposed to body oils, salts, perspiration and dirt and will therefore deteriorate and rot and tear and look very old and unpleasant before its time. THIS IS CALLED: DETERIORATION FROM THE BOTTOM UP.

But Here’s a BIG Problem With YOU Regularly Conditioning Your Leather:

Before your leather is conditioned the leather surface must be thoroughly and properly cleaned of all spills, spots, body oils, salts, perspiration dirt, grime and anything else on the surface that doesn’t belong. “WHY must this be done so thoroughly“, I hear you ask. Because if you condition these residues “in” with conditioner they will break down your top coat, then your pigment, then the leather. THIS IS CALLED: DETERIORATION FROM THE TOP DOWN.

  • Conditioning also gives the leather surface a degree of water/liquid resistance.

Other factors that can damage your Leather Lounge are:

  • Medications: the perspiration of people on many common medications.
  • Heat: do not allow any heating device or outlet within 60 cm of your lounge.
  • Liquids: coffee & tea can stain leather permanently, nail polish & remover.
  • Direct Sunlight: it will cause fading, dryness and hardening of the surface.
  • Mould: mould is a live organism, it thrives in a cool non air moving area.
  • Pets: their claws scratch open the topcoat, their saliva, hair oil and body fluids cause stains.
  • Dust: dust your lounge as you would other items in your home.
  • Shoes: scuff marks or colour transfer at the face base of your lounge.

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